Cold Atom Lectures

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May, 2018Joseph H. ThywissenUniversity of TorontoUltracold Fermions

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April, 2016Paul S. JulienneJoint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland and NISTFundamentals of Cold Atomic and Molecular Collisions


March, 2016Thierry GiamarchiUniversity of GenevaQuantum Physics in One Dimension


July, 2014Shina TanGeorgia Institute of TechnologySome Few-Body Problems for Ultracold Atoms
April, 2013
Yvan CastinLKB-ENS, Paris, France Lectures 1 and 2: Temporal coherence of atomic Bose-Einstein  condensates, and application to spin squeezing / Lectures 3 and 4: Unitary gases and the Efimov effect
April, 2012
Gordon BaymUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSuperfluidity
 March&April, 2012 
Alexander Fetter Standford UniversityQuantum Many-body Correlation Functions and Applications to BEC