Lectures on the Inflationary Universe

Professor Ue-Li Pen 彭威礼

Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

地点: 清华大学高等研究院 科学馆三楼322报告厅

Lecture 1

10:00am October 14, Tuesday, 2014

The inflationary Paradigm: basic challenges and solution.

Lecture 2

10:00am October 16, Thursday, 2014

Origin of cosmological scalar perturbations in inflation Bunch-Davis vacuum, stretching of zero-point fluctuation modes, quantum-classical transition.

Lecture 3

10:00am October 21, Tuesday, 2014

Tensor perturbations, 3-pt functions, alternatives.

Lecture 4

10:00am October 23, Thursday, 2014

Observational signatures and status: scalar CMB T modes, tensor CMB B modes, consistency relation, bi-spectrum.