special talk in 2016

2016-11-28Shawn X. CuiStanford UniversityHigher Categories and Topological Quantum Field Theories

20161128-Shawn X. Cui.pdf

2016-10-31Shin-Nan YangProfessor Emeritus at Taiwan UniversityHow physics comes to sing in mathematical tune

20161031-Shin-Nan Yang.pdf

2016-10-12Yong-Shi WuUniversity of Utah/FudanThe Chinese Magic and Hidden Simplicity of Quantum Yang-Mills Theory

20161012-Yongshi Wu.pdf

2016-09-23Yichen HuangCaltechStudying quantum many-body physics using quantum complexity theory

20160923-Yichen Huang.pdf

2016-09-21Yizhuang YouHarvard UniversityHolographic Mapping of Many-Body Localized System by Spectrum Bifurcation Renormalization Group

20160921-Yizhuang You.pdf

2016-09-13Jianzhong WuUniversity of California, RiversideBayesian Statistics for Many-Body Systems

20160913-Jianzhong Wu.pdf

2016-08-31Roderich MoessnerMPI-PKS DresdenThermodynamics and order beyond equilibrium-- the physics of periodically driven quantum systems

20160831-Roderich Moessner.pdf

2016-08-30Biao LianStanford UniversityFive dimensional generalization of the topological Weyl semimetal

20160830-Biao Lian.pdf

2016-08-19Ian SpielmanNational Institute of Standards and Technology & University of MarylandTopological transition from a non-Abelian Yang-Mills monopole

20160819-Ian Spielman.pdf

2016-08-12Dieter SuterUniversity of Dortmund, GermanyQuantum Simulation of Localization

20160812-Dieter Suter.pdf

2016-08-11Yin-Chen HeMax Planck Institute for Complex SystemsKagome spin liquid, symmetry protected topological phase and deconfined criticality

20160811-Yin-Chen He.pdf

2016-08-08Y. AvishaiBen-Gurion UniversityKondo Effect in Cold Atoms

20160808-Y. Avishai.pdf

2016-08-04Wang YangDepartment of Physics, Univ. of California at San DiegoSpin dynamics of the axial spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ XXZ chain in longitudinal magnetic field

20160804-Wang Yang.pdf

2016-08-03Xi DongInstitute for Advanced Study, PrincetonEntanglement, Gravity, and Quantum Error Correction

20160803-Xi Dong.pdf

2016-07-26Fan ZhangUniversity of Texas at DallasStrongly Correlated Majorana Transistors

20160729-Fan Zhang.pdf

2016-07-18Lih-King LimIASTUA Pseudospin Vortex-Ring with a Nodal Line in Three Dimensions


2016-07-18Feng LiuUniversity of Utah/TsinghuaDiscovering topological edge state in superconducting FeSe: a synergistic collaborative effort

poster-Feng Liu.pdf

2016-07-05Chao-Ming JianStanford UniversityExistence of featureless paramagnets on the square and the honeycomb lattices in 2+1 dimensions

poster-Chaoming Jian.pdf

2016-06-30Yingfei GuStanford UniversityFractional Statistics and the Butterfly effect


2016-05-31/06-02Shmuel Fishman/Italo GuarneriTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology/Universita' dell' InsubriaFrontiers in quantum nonlinear dynamics-- a seminar series delivered by world leading experts in the field


2016-04-01Radu ChicireanuUnisersite de LilleExperimental observation of the Coherent Forward Scattering using the atomic kicked rotor


2016-03-17/25Tin-Lun HoInstitute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua / Ohio State UniversityQuantum Turbulence and Energy Cascade in Quantum Gas/Dynamics of Quantum Gases in Stretched Spacetime


2016-01-07Suk Bum ChungSeoul National UniversityEnhanced Rashba spin-orbit interaction in transition metal oxide heterostructure