special talk in 2017

2017.12.19Liyan ZhangDirector of Network Technology, with a World Top-3 ISP
VP, Washington Network Society (CAST-DC), Washington, DC USA
Status and Future of Global Internet

20171219-Liyan Zhang.pdf

2017.10.23Chen FangInstitute of Physics, CASNew quantum anomalies on the side and on the top: boundary manifestations of rotation symmetry protected topological states

20171023-Chen Fang.pdf

2017.10.16/20Yong-Shi WuUniversity of UtahCategory Theory: A conceptual framework that unites Yang-Mills and Yang-Baxter / Boundary Hamiltonian Approach to Gapped Topological Phases on Open Surfaces

201710-Yongshi Wu.pdf

2017.10.11Hong DingInstitute of Physics, CASObservation of topological superconductivity and Majorana bound state in iron-based superconductor

20171011-Hong Ding.pdf

2017.4.21Valiente Cifuentes ManuelHeriot-Watt UniversityStrongly interacting few and many-body systems:from cold atoms to photonics


2017.1.6Lei WangInstitute of Physics,CASMachine Learning for Many-Body Physics

20170106-Lei Wang.pdf

2017.1.3Liang KongUniversity of New HampshireBoundary-bulk duality in topological orders

20170103-Liang Kong.pdf