Lectures on Frontiers of Quantum Matters

3:00-4:00, July 19,20,2017Ying Ran(Boston College)Anyon Condensation and Symmetry-enforced SPT Phases

Ying Ran.jpg

3:00-4:30 June19,20,22,23,2017Chong Wang (Harvard)A Web of (2+1)d Dualities in Condensed Matter Physics

Chong Wang.pdf

3:00-4:30, June 12,13,15,16,2017Richard Davison (Harvard)Sachdev-Ye-KitaevModels, Quantum Chaos and Thermal Transport in Holography

Richard Davison.pdf

10:30-12:00, June 12,13,15,16,2017Wenbo Fu (Harvard)Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models and Their Generalizations

Wenbo Fu.pdf

3:00-4:30, June 7,9,2017Chao-Ming Jian (UCSB)Generalized Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorems

Chao-Ming Jian.pdf

 Venue: Room 322, Science Building, Tsinghua University