special talk in 2018

2018.9.14Qi ZhouPurdue UniversitySynthetic topological defects and synthetic spaces in ultracold atoms

20180914-Qi Zhou.pdf

2018.9.12Yong-Liang ZhangCaltechInformation Scrambling in Chaotic Systems with Dissipation

20180912-Yong-Liang Zhang.pdf

2018.8.30Liang KongYMSC, TsinghuaAunified mathematical theory of gapped/gapless edges of 2d topological orders

20180830-Liang Kong.pdf

2018.8.28Noah Fan Qi YuanMITHubbard Model, Unconventional Superconductivity and Density Waves in Twisted Bilayer Graphene

20180828-Noah Fan Qi Yuan.pdf

2018.8.9Congjun WuUniversity of California, San DiegoQuantum Dynamics – Space-time Crystal and Bethe String States

20180809-Congjun Wu.pdf

2018.7.12Chao-Ming JianUCSBLattice Construction of Duality with Non-Abelian Gauge Fields in 2+1D

20180712-Chaoming Jian.pdf

2018.5.30Guo-qing ZhengInstitute of Physics, CAS, China/Department of Physics, Okayama University, JapanUsing in-plane magnetic fields to disentangle the intertwined orders in a cuprate high temperature superconductor

20180530-Guo-qing Zheng.pdf

2018.5.29Zhenghan WangMicrosoft Station Q and University of California at Santa BarbaraFractons: Topological or not?

20180529-Zhenghan Wang.pdf

2018.5.11Tian LanUniversity of WaterlooHigher Dimensional Topological Order, Higher Category and A
Classification in 3+1D

20180511-Tian Lan.pdf

2018.4.17Zhou LiRIKENExotic response of topological insulators

20180417-Zhou Li.pdf

2018.3.7Ziyang MengInstitute of Physics CAS蒙特卡洛的鳞爪-- 强关联电子系统中的大规模数值模拟研究

20180307-Ziyang Meng.pdf

2018.1.8Liujun ZouMITSymmetry enriched U(1) quantum spin liquids

20180108-Liujun Zou.pdf

2018.1.3Huajia WangUIUCEntanglement, causality and energy conditions in QFTs

20180103-Huajia Wang.pdf